IntelliJ IDEA License Server v1.6










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  1. brallow brallow

    基本上可以确定2017.3.5 (OSX)是不能激活了。

  2. Jonathan Jonathan

    Not working anymore (PhpStorm 2018.1)

  3. Aleh Aleh

    Version 1.5 isn't available. Pls, share it again.

  4. You can try for deployed license server

    1. Thangs Thangs

      This seems to be working. Please tell us how to create our own deployed server.

    2. @QMANGA
      Yeah, I tried it and it did really work.

    3. sss sss

      thank you mate!

  5. Thangs Thangs

    Please fix this. The exe is not working.

  6. Alex Alex

    Version 1.6 not working with PyCharm 2018.1

    1. Aleh Aleh

      It is working if you deploy server on dedicated cloud or computer (not local instance)

      1. Thangs Thangs

        Hi @Aleh Can you please let me know the process of installing it in any cloud server.

        1. toru toru


          Use another computer in your network, I tested and it's working.

          For deploy in a cloud server will be more complicated to explain here.

  7. cong cong

    好像对Resharper激活时一直出现The license server address is incorrect的错误

  8. ptmula ptmula

    Hi Everyone,

    You can have the the IntelliJIDEALicenseServer running locally if you expose with an external address. To do that, used the free service

    I'm using this approach in Ubuntu, i don't know if it works with Windows.

  9. leo leo


    1. qrqhuang qrqhuang


      1. leo leo

        @qrqhuang发现症结所在了,启动服务端的激活程序时,加上参数-u username就OK了

  10. qrqhuang qrqhuang

    Works fine on 2018.1.3.

  11. qrqhuang qrqhuang

    With linux active server

  12. ahdung ahdung

    - 允许定义端口,1027也容易被占,总之定死了不妥
    - 考虑提供算法

    1. 静


  13. jerrydog jerrydog

    If you add a HOSTS entry, something like
    it works - no need for VPC or cloud

  14. Bob Bob

    The license server address is incorrect when Resharper 2018.1.2 is activated.

  15. thepasto thepasto

    Not wokring anymore with
    PhpStorm 2018.1.5
    Build #PS-181.5281.19, built on June 7, 2018

    Your license ticket is obtained from an outdated version of the license server.
    To keep your product licensed, the license server requires an immediate update to the latest version.
    Read full details, and pass this information to the server administrator on your side.


  16. null null

    To clarify, it does actually still work with 2018.1.5, if you read the details it says it will stop working with the future version 2018.2.

  17. Anyoneother Anyoneother

    Please update it show its an old server

  18. wyblog wyblog

    已经失效了。PhpStorm 2018.1.5

    Your license ticket is obtained from an outdated version of the license server.

  19. Max Sky Max Sky

    坐等 1.7 版

  20. 今天更新了IDEA2018.1.5版本,IDEA提示我激活服务器old了,叫我尽快更新。哈哈!!