IntelliJ IDEA License Server v1.6










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  1. 感谢博主 感谢博主

    Outdated License Server Detected

  2. DenMax DenMax

    On IDEA 2018.1.6 server and keygen both not working.

  3. aNONe-mouse aNONe-mouse

    For anyone who'se not an imbecile, all Jetbrains products should be fine before the 2018.2 update. Just don't update. They (Jetbrains) even notified us months in advanced about this. Mostly for their legitimate license server customers.

    I've had no trouble with this license server and the following products: Webstorm, Phpstorm, IDEA, Resharper, Rider. It works... if it's not working, it's probably you.

    1. Giel Giel

      The improvements in 2018.2 are significant for resharper

      1. aNONe-mouse aNONe-mouse

        Undoubtedly, can't do anything until there is an update for the license server though.

  4. yoyo yoyo

    Any way to do it in localhost? maybe behind nginx or something? maybe behind a docker nat?

  5. Shutbug Shutbug

    All the keygens. cracks, license servers stopped working after the release of 2018.2, the Rover bypass Crack 2.9 causes your IDE to close after about 20 mins.
    As we're are waiting for new cracks/keygens/license servers you can just evaluate the software.

    When you get close to the end of evaluation just renew your evaluation :)
    To renew your evaluation:
    - Close your IDE.
    - Go to the the preference folder (i.e on Mac ~/Library/Preferences/PyCharm2018.2).
    - Remove the folder eval.
    - Restart your IDE and start a new evaluation.

    1. John John


      Correct, the license server however still works with Webstorm 2018.2

      1. LongCarrot LongCarrot

        @John IDEA 2018.2 still working with license server.
        However, IDEA EAP 2018.2.1 can not activate from this license server.

        1. John John


          Correct you can never activate an EAP as it's a EAP user license which will expire abyways.

          1. LongCarrot LongCarrot

            @John EAP releases after main version release uses activation scheme from main release (requires permanent or temporary license or license server). Only pre-release EAPs uses EAP activation (no activation, but witth timebomb).

  6. 根据lanyus和 的指引,弄了一个基于openresty的jetbrains和jrebel的授权服务器,依赖更少,更省内存。

    1. @少年怒了 项目地址

  7. Shutbug Shutbug

    Rover updated his crack for Jetbrains 2018.2 releases. Download it here:

    1. Remove any license you had before.
    2. Click "Configure" -> "Edit Custom VM Options ..."
    3. Append "-javaagent:{JetbrainsCrackPath}" to end line.
    ie: -javaagent:~/JetbrainsCrack-2.10-release-enc.jar
    4. Restart IDE
    5. Click Register
    6. Select "Activation Code"
    7. Enter any character.

    Registered to Rover12421/Rover12421

    If you prefer not to see Rover12421 you can paste the below code to the Activation Code, and it will be licensed to "Lanyus/ Not Me", change the "Lanyus" and "Not Me" to your own liking.

    "assigneeName":"Not Me",
    "assigneeEmail":"[email protected]",
    "licenseRestriction":"By Rover12421 Crack, Only Test! Please support genuine!!!",

    1. fly free fly free

      @ShutbugThx, It works for me!

    2. PPte PPte

      @Shutbug thank you

  8. Kean Kean

    Hi @Shutbug

    I try to follow your instructions in Windows 10 for Pycharm and do not open the ide after modifying the "Custom VM options"

  9. Kean Kean

    It has worked for me, apparently I had misplaced the crack route. Thanks

  10. Randy Randy


  11. 小夏 小夏

    我能问问吗 invalid signature format为什么phpstorm激活提示这个

  12. Wbug Wbug

    This reports outdated license server, any chance you can update the server to work with the newer versions?

  13. test test

    DataGrip 2018.2.1 active failed.

  14. Angular Angular

    DataGrip 2018.2.1 active failed.

  15. Mal'Ganis Mal'Ganis


  16. winstars winstars

    IDEA 2018.1.3 failed。

  17. MiaoWoo MiaoWoo

    2018.2.1激活失败了 麻烦更新一下

  18. your mom your mom

    License server response has not passed data integrity check: Invalid signature format

  19. ?? ??

    Is this webside has the latest version of license server application ?

    1. MrXionGe MrXionGe

      It doesn't work...No need to try again !

  20. xiamen xiamen

    it doesn't work anymore since 2018.2.1