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  1. aosp aosp


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  2. Fancy Fancy


    1. @Fancy,可以用

      1. YC YC

        我在mac的命令行里运行./IntelliJIDEALicenseServer_freebsd_386,爆错cannot execute binary file。想问一下在mac上的具体的使用方法。

        1. LXY LXY


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  4. iwillneverstop iwillneverstop

    Thank you for providing several new options. I'm going to test it again.

    Have a nice day.

    1. iwillneverstop iwillneverstop


      I tested it with -p and -u options. I don't know how to use -prolongationPeriod option :(

      1. @iwillneverstop
        I'm sorry, I do not know the meaning of that argument, but the argument must be an integer, and is a multiple of 500, the impact of the idea to the time interval authorization server requests authorization

        1. iwillneverstop iwillneverstop


          Thank you for your reply.

          So, it is an impact factor on the time interval that the server requests authorizations.

          I think in order to provide correct values for this option. We need to have a better understanding, for example, the time unit (second, minute, hour, ...) the server is using.

          However, with options -u and -p, your server is already great.

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  6. ladygaga ladygaga


    1. @ladygaga

    2. @ladygaga,Openshift的监听端口要通过env函数查看,绑定到Openshift指定的端口去,环境选golang

      1. ladygaga ladygaga

        @ilanyu, 好,我试试

        1. zgc zgc


  7. iwillneverstop iwillneverstop

    Do you know:

    1) How long do we have to keep the license server running?
    2) How often JetBrains products (e.g. IntelliJ, Pycharm) check for licensing statuses with the server?

    1. @iwillneverstop
      1) You shoud keep the license server running when you run the idea.

      1. iwillneverstop iwillneverstop


        Thank you for your quick reply.

        Sometimes, I restart my computer and forget to run the server. IntelliJ can still work as normal. That's why I asked.

        So, the best way is keeping the server running.

        1. @iwillneverstop
          2 days. The idea can run in 2 days and no run the server.

          1. iwillneverstop iwillneverstop


            That is nice info. Thank you very much.

  8. hi, 能提供源码吗?

  9. infinitysky infinitysky

    ubuntu server 上貌似没法固定到守护进程上去。。。

  10. 怎么从-h上看是用golang写的?

    1. @zhulei

  11. 漫天飞舞的蒲公英 漫天飞舞的蒲公英


    1. @漫天飞舞的蒲公英

      1. @ilanyu命令行里面无法输入,请问能具体点吗?谢谢

  12. Jakes Jakes


  13. External External

    I want to write license server on PHP.
    It's good, if you are working in PHPstorm :)

    I sniff request of PHPstorm through WireShark, but i don't know anwer generation algorithm.
    Can i ask you alogythm for answer generation? Any language, or plain explanation, if you can.

    And back i will send you PHP license server for collection, if you wish :)

    1. LXY LXY

      Written in Python
      But I don't know whether you're allowed to do that

  14. zcluo zcluo

    我在我买的VPS上搭建了用的是公网的IP但是总是注册不成功,license server是不是http://公网IP:端口/

  15. Sam Sam

    @ilanyu Can you also share server for Jrebel and Xrebel for localhost and if possible share the source code. Thanks.

  16. gootoom gootoom

    I always get a connection error from R# licence window, whatever port I try. How to diagnose the problem?

    1. @gootoom what is R#

  17. gootoom gootoom

    R# is ReSharper, sorry for being short :)

  18. sirRevelation sirRevelation

    The activation server doesn't work anymore with the 2016.1 version . eg: Pycharm 2016.1

  19. ViSoR ViSoR

    Hi, is it possible to compile Linux server for ARMv7 architecture? I want to run it on my NAS device.

    @gootoom it's working for me with R#. Please check that server is not blocked by firewall.

    1. @ViSoR

    2. @ViSoR
      It is in IntelliJIDEALicenseServer(v1.1).zip

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  20. YC YC

    我在mac的命令行里运行./IntelliJIDEALicenseServer_freebsd_386,爆错cannot execute binary file。想问一下在mac上的具体的使用方法。

    1. ayanamist ayanamist