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  1. karl karl

    IDEA2017.3 本地认证不过了。
    提示 Idea the license server address is incorrect

    1. karl karl


      果然是的, 改为 即可

      1. jack jack


        谢谢分享. 差点以为2017.3做了对本地license server的屏蔽

      2. Alex Alex


      3. p0mp0k0 p0mp0k0

        2017.3.3屏蔽了0.0.0.0,license server失效

        1. mageric mageric


          1. eric eric


          2. mageric mageric

            是修改host文件 搞个域名指向127.0.0.1 激活服务器里面填写自己搞的那个域名

          3. kam kam


  2. mandysss mandysss


  3. SoulRaven SoulRaven

    any idea about how to use this under a reverse proxy server?
    i understand that from 2017.3 is necessary to setup a new parameter for the host.

    Where i find the source code to activate this parameter?

  4. Abel Abel

    With Latest version of CLion (2017.3) License Server v1.5 doesn't work, but with License Server v1.3 it does. Hope it can help others and give some clues to developper of the server for the v1.6

    Best wishes for the new year 2018 to you all.
    Greetings from CUB@

    1. yoggii yoggii

      @AbelIt only fails when you use as the license server (probably blacklisted). If you write anything that points there (e.g. "localhost.localdomain" or whatever else you have in your hosts file) v1.5 will work just fine.

  5. xiaohui xiaohui


  6. weini weini


    1. jidk jidk


      1. jwwss jwwss


  7. vvpa vvpa

    1.5 works fine with latest product - please use non-default port by command line parameters

  8. bigwit bigwit


    感觉路由器arm版本的好像没有 注册端口一样,很奇怪!

    1. bigwit bigwit

      然来是被我的 路由器的防火墙 拦截了~~

  9. Instead change to any you want in hosts

    Use something like:


    then in Jetbrains activation use:


    1. Scrotie Mcboogerballs Scrotie Mcboogerballs

      Thank you so much! Works like a charm

  10. 鱼咖 鱼咖

    现在最新版本 2017.3.4 EAP。校验会失败。
    License server response has not passed data integrity check: Invalid signature format

  11. mrfangge mrfangge


  12. dadacf dadacf

    能给我一份 IntelliJ IDEA License Server v1.5 不,下载地址不能下载了,谢谢,帮我发到邮箱 [email protected] ,谢谢

  13. please update the link to download last build!

  14. teddy teddy


  15. y5318 y5318

    1.5 ,1.6版本A p p C o de都不能激活, 用域名也不行, 有人可以吗, 谢谢

  16. nathan nathan

    2017.3.4 idea已经不能激活了,(>﹏<)悲剧

  17. Andre Andre

    changing in hosts and using another port or reverse proxy doesn't work anymore, I think there is problem with signature so latest versions will not work with the licence servers 1.3 and 1.5.

    We need new workaround

  18. sam sam

    This latest version on activation server is not working with phpStorm2017.3.4 So use this server :- and it working good. ianyu please update your code for newer version Thank You!

    1. woshihuo12 woshihuo12

      thank u .

    2. wangzw wangzw


      I used your server address. it works! thank you. but i can not download lanyus's file. it's block by gfw. so can you send you server file to my e-mail. my idea version is 2017.3.4 and activation server version is 1.2, thanks : )。

      1. sam sam


        Hi, I glad it worked for you but unfortunately, i don't have working files with the new version.
        A few days ago the site I described in the previous comment stopped working so I used these two

        I got files from a Russian server but they are not working with new version of JetBrains.I'll keep update here if I found the working server files.

        1. wangzw wangzw

          okay, thanks

        2. syniack syniack


          Works perfectly on sierra version 2017.3.4 .

          1. sam sam

            @syniack Glad to hear that.

  19. yeluolei yeluolei

    无法下载了。。 麻烦提供一下新的地址,非常感谢!

  20. archenroot archenroot

    On latest Intellij Idea the license server works, but it continuously reports about non-licensed version in about 5-15 minutes. When I tell IDE to use again license server it works for another 5-15 minutes and again, again...

    I noticed this behaviour on following version:
    zangetsu@venus ~ $ eix intellij
    [I] dev-util/intellij-idea-ultimate [1]
    Available versions: (~)2017. {-custom-jdk}
    Installed versions: 2017. 02/07/18)(-custom-jdk)
    Description: A complete toolset for web, mobile and enterprise development

    [1] "archenroot" /var/lib/layman/archenroot