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  1. RinWorld RinWorld

    not working - CLion 2017.3.3 :(

  2. JPT JPT

    CLion shows server address incorrect. for however phpstorm and webstorm works. Please allow to dynamically set new ports or something like that.

  3. deeped deeped

    Hey, dear author! This tool was working for weeks - but its down now! "The licence server address is incorrect"

    1. Kiyoma Kiyoma

      edit your host;
      use nginx;
      server {
      listen 80;
      server_name www.jetbrain.local;
      location / {

      1. june june

        @Kiyoma but …… it doesn't work.
        when i enter the address in the Internet , it was the nginx welcome page

        1. Kiyoma Kiyoma

          @juneYou haven't done it correctly.
          If you have made nginx config correctly, you won't see the nginx welcome page but the IntelliJ IDEA License Server's own "wlecome/success" page which just looks like what you can see on "" .

        2. Kiyoma Kiyoma

          @june emmmm……mybe you just forgot to reload your nginx?

          1. june june

            @Kiyoma you mean the config is
            server {
            listen 80;

            location / {
            that's right? but when I enter the it was the nginx welcome page
            otherwise I enter the it was the IntelliJ IDEA License Server's own "wlecome/success" page

  4. koseiu koseiu


    1. fabadoo fabadoo


      i confirm... "the licence server address is incorrect"

      1. xiao xiao


        You need to use nginx to reverse proxy the IntelliJIDEALicenseServer with -p; If you only use in intranet, you do not need to specify -s

    2. einsteinford einsteinford


  5. zhangxx zhangxx

    用nginx反向代理的可以激活JRebel, 但是自己部署的ntelliJ IDEA License Server v1.6确激活不了JRebel , IDEA倒是可以激活

  6. 乱世魔君 乱世魔君

    Linux raspberrypi 4.4.50-v7+ #970 SMP Mon Feb 20 19:18:29 GMT 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux
    IntelliJIDEALicenseServer_linux_arm: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")

  7. Flat Flat

    This 1.6 server has just stopped working today.

  8. Yup stop working, no matter if change host name or port.


  9. CaDyMaN CaDyMaN

    Until this is fixed you can use information from here

  10. Anonymous Anonymous

    create a proxy to and use the proxy url as server

  11. sunny sunny

    1027 最新的被封了么

  12. 7her 7her

    CLion worked on port 1017!
    Even if there were written You can use as license server
    Try 1017

  13. Krazitchek Krazitchek

    Hi everybody, no more working with on linux x64 and PhpStorm 2013.3.4.
    Reading some stuff about trying proxy or reverse proxy but don't know how to do with Apache 2.4.
    It works if licence server is running on another server on network, but non on local machine?

    1. Esk Esk

      Add to your /etc/hosts: any.domain

      And use http://any.domain:1017

  14. Bleser Bleser

    Bash script for unlimited trial.


    echo "Change time for files"
    #201802031730 = YYYYMMddHHmm
    find ~/.IntelliJIdea* -type d -exec touch -t $(date +"%Y%m%d%H%M") {} \;

    echo "removeing evaluation key"
    rm ~/.IntelliJIdea*/config/eval/idea*.evaluation.key

    echo "resetting evalsprt in options.xml"
    sed -i '/evlsprt/d' ~/.IntelliJIdea*/config/options/options.xml

    echo "resetting evalsprt in prefs.xml"
    sed -i '/evlsprt/d' ~/.java/.userPrefs/prefs.xml

  15. chenhw chenhw

    win10 更新之后,变成了监听0.0.0.0:1027这是什么原因

  16. 博主,我在软件同目录下放了IntelliJIDEALicenseServer.html文件,但是反向代理后提示文件不存在这怎么解决啊

  17. 好利友 好利友


  18. xiao xiao

    server {
    listen 10000;
    server_name jetbrains.keygen.local;
    location / {

    对外仍然可以用"服务区ip地址:10000端口",但是IntelliJIDEALicenseServer运行的时候用参数-p 19860

    1. man man

      已试 无法激活成功 IDEA 3.4

    2. man man

      已试 无法激活成功 IDEA 3.4

      1. man man

        目前想要使用 3.4
        可以先激活一下低版本 然后再打开3.4版本 可以正常使用

  19. nik nik

    Install 2017.3.3 for the time being

    Windows installer:

  20. Lewis Zhang Lewis Zhang